About Me

My name is Gavin . I was born and raised in Alaska, and lived most of my adult life in Minnesota. I am a lifelong aerial enthusiast.  Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by two things, flight & heights. It only made sense for me to pursue a career in the wireless communication industry. I have been building, and maintaining cell phone towers for 15 years. Now I get to combine the best of both worlds and offer a unique service to the industry that is so very vital to the safety of all who make it possible to have the world available at our finger tips. My background in construction ensures you have someone experienced with every nut & bolt on the tower. My expertise in management guarantees your project will be handled in an expeditious, & professional manner. My in-depth involvement in construction, photography, & computing skills gives me the opportunity to offer a variety of unique services and products that I am very excited to offer!


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