Tower Inspections & Mapping


Proper & efficient inspection of communication structures is important now more than ever. Today towers are loaded with extra remote radio heads (RRH’s), antennas with expanded capacities, and reinforced mounts. All this combined is putting more weight and stress on these structures than ever before. Due to this, it is imperative to ensure these towers meet industry standards & the equipment installed was done so with integrity. Utilizing our detailed inspection services will insure every inch of the structure is meticulously documented unlike ever before. Any defects discovered are promptly brought to your attention. Giving you peace of mind that safety & quality is at the forefront of each site that has been inspected.


White Hawk Drone Service can provide high definition 3D mapping of towers to give an in depth  & interactive perspective of current space & equipment on tower to help you plan for future upgrades & additions.

Here are additional tower Inspection services you may be interested in!

  • Pre/Post Construction
  • Structural Mapping & Asset Survey
  • Line of site
  • New tower build
  • PIM Hunting and Interference Identification
  • Microwave link point to point verification
  • RF Safety Survey

Defect Repair Solutions:

With 15 years of experience I have the capability to provide solutions of repairs for any defect discovered, no matter how large or small. My ongoing relationships with leaders in industry allow me to connect you with outstanding, quality driven crews for your service.

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